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Our Town Circus School episode is now online

Episode 11 about Lawrence's own Circus School and it's owner, Sihka Ann Destroy, is now available to watch in it's entirety.



Our Town Rachael Perry episode is now online

Episode 10 about Rachael Perry, the instigator of the Lawrence Inside Out project, is ready for watching!

Our Town Prairie Moon episode is now online

Episode 9 of Our Town is about Prairie Moon Waldorf School. Join us to learn more about this form education and the people that embody it.



I just wanted to let all of you know that, although it's been awhile since the last episode, I am still doing the Our Town series, just on a very inconsistent basis. You see, I basically do it all myself. Besides the soundtrack music (so generously provided by Lawrence musicians and artists) and some camerawork, I do all of the shooting, interviewing, editing and general choreography. And, unlike a machine, I have to be up for such tasks. It seems as if over the last year or so various things have been getting in the way of that process. Be it illness, raising two children, depression or working on video work that I actually get paid for. Plus, I just plain have to be in the mood to do it. The last year has been sort of a heavy year for me so I haven't been very productive. Some artists work better when feuled by torment and despair while I tend to work better when I'm happy. That being said, I am in no way ceasing production on Our Town. I've just been on a bit of a hiatus. As the metaphorical fog slowly lifts I find that I am gradually getting back into the state of mind to create and get the momentum of my work rolling once again, So I beg for your patience as I begin to dip my toe into the pool again. I almost have the next Our Town episode completed (and have many great ideas for upcoming episodes) and will be posting it as soon as it is ready. Keep your eyes peeled here for updates. In the meantime, I appreciate your patience and daily visits to this page. Thanks and praises to you.

Welcome to Moon Drunk Films

Moon Drunk Films was started in 2011 in Lawrence, KS. I make documentaries and shoot events around town. I jumped into documentary making by deciding to make a feature length documentary about a friend of mine who had just died. During the five years that it took me to make it I learned a lot about making films. But, I enjoyed the process so much that I decided to keep making them. Please explore.

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