My Friend Mott-ly is a testament to the life of Kansas City artist Lee Tisdale AKA Mott-ly whose life ended all too soon. Despite being dealt a bleak hand at birth, Mott-ly was still able to employ some arduous alchemy to transform considerable suffering into an ever-deepening well of empathy and art. This documentary chronicles his life. It is an homage to the person he was and an attempt to relay the phenomenal impact he had on the lives of those who had the honor of knowing him.



Plot outline

Bound by complications from being born with hemophilia, his initial immobility helped to ignite his artistic talents. Later he went on to make a name for himself within the art and music community of Kansas City. He was diagnosed HIV positive due to tainted clotting factor and then he had to have both legs amputated owing to further complications with his hemophilia. Despite these odds, he maintained an optimism that touched many. This is his story.

And, for now, I am including the low resolution version of My Friend Mott-ly in it's entirety for free as I have not yet renegotiated the music licensing fees for some of the music included in the film. So, enjoy it for free! Also feel free to utlize the Tip Jar if you feel inspired to make a donation!

KKFI interview with My Friend Mott-ly director Chris Snipes.

On 9/6/12 Barry Lee had me on his show Local Showcase for two hours in order that we might discuss Mott-ly, his band Mudhead, the punk/alternative music scene in Kansas City in the 80s, and the recently premiered My Friend Mott-ly. The entire show is included below in two parts. The graphics for the two parts consist of the front and back of a sheet of paper that Mott-ly had written down all of the bands that he'd seen live from memory.

It's A Two Way Street

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