Everybody has a story. Here are some of them. Meet Lawrence, Kansas.

Our Town is a continuing series of 30 minute documentaries which all center around the happenings and people of Lawrence, KS. Created by Chris Snipes.

If you know of someone (including yourself) or some place that you'd like to see on an Our Town episode I'd love to hear from you! Just send me an email.

KHJK's Ad Astra interviews Our Town creator and director Chris Snipes

Episode 1- Bill Lee

Bill Lee is the President Emeritus of the Kansas Music Hall of Fame. In 2005 his apartment complex burned to the ground. What were to be the contents of the Kansas Music Hall of Fame were destroyed. Every year the Hall of Fame continues to induct new Kansas musicians and composers.

Episode 2- Ricky Dean Sinatra

The seminal woo woo band Ricky Dean Sinatra had Lawrence in the palm of it's hand from the mid-80's to the mid-90's. The band survived the decades until earlier this year when they decided to draw it to a close. Let this be a document to their last hoorahs.

Episode 3- Kevin Willmott

Kevin Willmott is a Lawrence filmmaker, writer, professor, and actor. He is best know for his film C.S.A. (Confederate States of America). He's just finished DESTINATION: PLANET NEGRO! and Jayhawkers. His films make you feel history.

Episode 4- Roger Martin

Episode 5- Mike & Katie West

The West family ended up in Lawrence after having been forced to leave New Orleans by Katrina. They have two lovely bands (Truckstop Honeymoon and 40 Watt Dreams), four lovely children, and produce some of the best music from Lawrence and around the country right out of their studio, the 9th Ward Pickin' Parlor.

Episode 6- The Last Victor Continental Show

The Victor Continental Show has been a Lawrence institution for some 15 years. Last year it was decided that the time had come to stop doing it. This is what it looks like to mourn and celebrate the bawdy skit comedy show (and the creative people who made it happen) that has had Lawrencians looking forward to their summers for the past 15 years.

Episode 7- William S. Burroughs & Lawrence

The world reknowned author, painter, gun enthusiast, and cat lover spent the last chapter of his life living in Lawrence, Kansas. After having lived in some of the world's most famous cities he chose to end up in Lawrence to be in close proximity to James Grauerholz and to get away from the celebrity and temptations of living in a larger city where access to hard drugs and hangers-on were abundant. What he found there was a place to live at his own pace, explore the visual arts, and endear those around him with his expansive intellect and genuine warmth. Listen to some of the stories of those who knew him and cared for him during his last years.


Episode 8- Alicia Kelly

Alicia Kelly is a Lawrence artist whose work includes intricately cut paper and vinyl and such. These cut pieces then get draped over and suspended from things, put in boxes or draped over waterfalls. They come out at you in a nurturing sort of way. Make you feel at home. Learn why she is a beloved part of her community and how her work has led her to foriegn lands.

Episode 9- Prairie Moon Waldorf School

Prairie Moon Waldorf School bases it's curriculum on the teachings of Austrian philosopher, social reformer, and architect Rudolf Steiner. Steiner believed that a beneficial way to learn was through play and experience. Although the children advance through a system of grade levels, this happens without any actual grading. Each child is observed as an individual with individual needs and is guided with that in mind in a way that is conducive for the child to come to a given subject in their own terms and with their own unique problem-solving skills. Join us to learn more about this form of education and the people who embody it.

Episode 10- Rachael Perry

Rachael Perry began taking pictures of Lawrence citizens who were artists or art appreciators in 2014. A year and 749 photographs later we find our town sprinkled with uplifting and insightful images, some small and some almost 20 feet tall, of many of the people that make up our rich community. These intimate portaits act as mirrors to our linked humanity. It is a project that has brought former strangers together, allowed us to learn new things about those familiar, and has aided us in realizing our interconnectedness. Join us as we follow through the various stages of her project and as we get to peak at some of the other things that Rachel has been up to.

Episode 11- The Last Carnival Circus School

Sihka Ann Destroy has been a traveling busker and street performer for years. Only in the last few of those years has she begun to slowly take root in Lawrence where she has bestowed her vast and varied talents upon us in the form of a circus school- a gathering place for those souls who long to learn and perform various acrobatics and astounding physical feats involving such objects as the silks, hula hoops, a trapeze, and, perhaps, your fellow student or teacher.

Episode 12- Father Deacon Michael Wilson

Father Deacon Michael Wilson has been a Lawrence fixture for decades. He is probably sited most sweeping the sidewalks outside of Liberty Hall, his place of employment for the past 27 years. But he is much more than his job. He is a deeply spiritual person who seeks to embody equanimity and compassion. And, according to his friends and family, is quite succesful in this endeavor. Join us in getting to know a little more about this person and, in turn, the Serbian Orthodox Church.

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